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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs

Members of our technical staff have a long experience with garage door springs repair.

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Garage Door Opener

Garage Door Opener

We are a company known for our garage door openers repair expertise.

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Garage Doors Repair

Garage Doors Repair

We have quick, reliable, and guaranteed garage door repair services for home

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Best opener service by experts

Skim through this compilation of insightful answers to frequently asked garage door repair questions.

Are garage doors dangerous for kids?

They can certainly be very dangerous. The specialists at Garage Door Repair Venice remind you that garage doors are extremely heavy and definitely not toys. When the remote controls end up in the hands of children and the door keeps coming up and down, it would be odd if accidents would not happen. So, keep remotes off their hands and keep the sensors well-maintained. This is your best defense in combination with frequent garage door repairs.

Does the cold weather have any effects on springs?

Yes, it definitely does. As an overall, all garage door parts from the panel to the last screw are affected by extreme temperatures and variations of the weather. Garage door springs duffer the most according to the specialists at Garage Door Repair Venice because they rely on their good flexibility and twisted bodies, which hide so much energy, in order to provide efficient work. If they are frozen, their capacities will diminish.

How often must I check the garage door parts?

You must not get obsessed with the condition of garage door parts but it would be to your benefit to keep your eyes and ears open to strange noises and anything out of the ordinary making sure garage door repairs take place right away. Under normal conditions, you need to check vital parts for your safety like the opener sensors once a month and the rest of the parts every few months.

Why doesn't the door close properly?

First thing you should do is check the extension springs for garage doors. If one of them is damaged, they won't be able to lift and lower down the door evenly and might leave a gap underneath. The door will be unable to close well if the garage door cables are loose and there would definitely be a gap under the door if the bottom seal is missing or  worn.

Why are garage door windows considered important?

Some people would choose to install garage door windows to beautify their homes but the truth is that they also allow the penetration of the sunlight. This is important for those who spend time in their garage and would allow you to reduce energy expenses. Our experts in Venice would recommend milk glass for your privacy.

What do I do if I think my automatic garage door is broken?

If you think your garage door is broken, first make sure that the batteries are working in your opener. If they are, call the experts at Garage Door Repair Venice before trying anything else; you should get reliable, skilled workers to check for malfunctions to ensure your safety.

Is opener repair always cheaper than replacement?

No, this is not always the case. The technicians of our garage door repair company in Venice explain that when the damage is severe or the operator is too old, replacement is the more cost-efficient option. Compare the alternatives before making a decision.

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