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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs

Members of our technical staff have a long experience with garage door springs repair.

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Garage Door Opener

Garage Door Opener

We are a company known for our garage door openers repair expertise.

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Garage Doors Repair

Garage Doors Repair

We have quick, reliable, and guaranteed garage door repair services for home

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Efficient Garage door repair company

Tips and hints on ensuring efficient garage door repair. Also offers insights on doing maintenance. How interested are you in dealing with garage door issues efficiently? These tips will be of assistance.

Keep your children away from the garage doors

There are several instances and accidents involving children and garage doors. Therefore, it is very important to teach your young children that they simply need to stay away from your garage door. The remote is not a toy as well. This is a very important step that every homeowner needs to take.

Inspect garage door components monthly

At Garage Door Repair Venice, the components used typically include cables, springs, rollers and pulleys. Every month, make it a routine to do a thorough inspection for possible wear and tear. Watch out for early signs of defect. When you notice one, you may attempt to repair it by yourself by being extra careful.

Never leave garage doors partially open

At any time, never leave your garage door partially open. As Garage Door Repair Venice explains it, when your door is left partially open, it needs to be activated again. When it happens, it has a tendency to move down and come in contact with any object along its way. In turn, it might impact the overall security of your home and the equipment.

Invest in high tech openers

There is great variety in garage door openers today and the selection must be based on the requirements of your garage mechanism. In any case, you should make sure they are modern and comply with the UL 325 regulations. They must have timers and alerts to close the door behind you and notify you if the door opens at your absence. Choose as many accessories as possible.

Fiber glass door vs. steel door

Fiber glass doors are designed to provide a translucent and elegant look to a garage while steel doors are manufactured to top up the wooden garage door. Both have great benefits but if you’re residing in a windy area, a steel or wooden steel door is best for you. This type of door can deflect extreme wind loads.

Garage door track repair

Our experts check the alignment of tracks and brackets and tighten it using a wrench if needed. To fix dents or simple damages you can use a hammer or a wooden block. Cleaning solution is required if you want to clean the tracks to remove accumulated dirt that may cause malfunction.

Troubleshooting electric garage doors

Specialists inspect if there are faulty wirings first. Check the tracks and clean it to remove obstructions like dirt or pebbles. Also check if there are dents or other malformation. Check the motor to see if it is overheated. Inspect any misalignment in the header and bracket.

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